Here you will find information to learn more about healing. The information that follows will explain the types of healing and how to perform them. If you have any questions or would like to share an experience please do not hesitate to use the contact form.

About Healing

        In order to understand the two most basic methods of healing, being self-healing and hands-on healing, we need to provide a foundation of knowledge for those who are new to spiritual healing. Remember, using the word ‘spiritual’ in no way imply a connection with any organized religion or related group. One can be an enlightened spiritual person and have no ties to any church, mosque, synagogue, or any other type of organized religious order.
        To begin, there are two main areas that affect health, the mind and the physical body.
The mind of the individual controls the body. Our thoughts have the power to create positive or negative affects in our physical bodies. Positive thoughts help promote good health just as negative thoughts (those of anger, hatred and jealousy to name a few) promote unfavorable health. Excessive negative thoughts cause almost half of all physical health problems.  
        What we do to ourselves through good or bad eating habits (diet) affects the physical body. Through abuse or addiction of by means of excessive or negative use of drugs (illegal and prescription), alcohol, sex (as referring to harmful or abusive sex) and tobacco products (used excessively), we can manifest negative energy and therefore negative health in our bodies.

Healing energies can take many forms, Hands-on, Color, Magnetic, Absent, Crystal, Faith, Music, Auric, Spiritual, Reiki, and many more. We will be explaining the basic ‘self-healing’ technique and the basic ‘hands-on healing’ technique.

Our thoughts have the power to create positive affects in our physical lives.